The Revolution of Plants by Treepoids the Game Changers

Caroline Menezes
3 min readJun 1, 2021


The intelligence of plants will guide the future of humanity. This is the idea that the Italian botanist Stefano Mancuso advocates in the bestseller Plant Revolution: Le piante hanno già inventato il nostro futuro. Its English version has the not so exciting title The Revolutionary Genius of Plants: A New Understanding of Plant Intelligence and Behavior. Mancuso, in his book, explains how beings without brains or nerves have a powerful communication system and intricated perspicacity far beyond what the human mind had so far understood. In an interview for the newspaper The Guardian, in 2015, the botanist said:

‘Intelligence is the ability to solve problems and plants are amazingly good in solving their problems.’

Mancuso’s proposal seems like an overstatement. As a citizen of the beautiful boot-shaped peninsula, some of his writings are somewhat exaggerated. But, in fact, the botanist sees in his laboratory what we could also note in our garden, but we don’t pay attention. Undoubtedly, his insight is full of optimism but also very real. The geniuses of the plants can save Earth from ourselves, so let’s learn with them.

Having the same motto, a pair of brothers from Hamburg, Germany, Gerrit and Patrick Henschel began to develop a videogame to bring awareness of climate change. They create the saga of heroes made of branches and leaves: the Treepoids. They are vegetal creatures with 3 legs, very intelligent, peaceful, supportive and well-informed about the importance of preserving nature. The videogame tells us how the Treepoids will help humans to save Planet Earth.

If you are a gamer or not, the charisma of Treepoids will make you come out from a vegetative state to see yourself in a motion quest across mystery and adventure. The game aims to have fun while learning about the intelligent existence in the greener life in our environment.

Why search for intelligent life outside our planet when you have much to discover from those here among us, Earthen?

The creators of Treepoids Gerrit and Patrick Henschel — founders of Supernatural Games — mix fantasy with critical issues of the real world. Their objective is also to deliver a narrative illustrated by a hand-made drawing scenario. The goal is to make a playful, educational, beautiful masterpiece. So, what are you waiting for? Under the leaves of your favourite character, you will perceive that the role of the plants on our planet is a changing game for a better future.